I want to sleep while working on the bed.

I have to suffered from backache when worked on the book desk.

My documents are too messy and busy looking for files.

Do you have the same problem when working at home?

Maybe it’s time we should choose a suitable desk.

A suitable computer table will improve sitting posture and work concentration.

It is necessary to choose a computer desk specially designed for computer use.

Now I will introduce 6 steps for you to choose best computer desk.

(1).First of all, healthy sitting posture will be explained as the first important point.

Various physical injuries will be caused because of bad sitting posture for a long time.

The height of each person is different, so the health ratio varies from person to person.

But you can use the method to judge:

Stand up right and hands down, palms just enough to fully touch the table top, which is best height of the table.

Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground, and the best height of the chair is that your thighs and calves are just vertical 90 degrees.

Try now!

(2).You should confirm the space of the room where you want to place the computer, then decide where you want to place it.

If the computer desk take up too much space in the room, so that the room looks small and narrow.

A corner table may be a better choice because corner location can save a lot of space.


(3).The computer desk comes in various sizes. If you want to know which size is best for you, remember the amount of work done on the computer desk.

If you write, study, play games, or even take a nap, you may also bring yourself a big computer desk.

It also allows you to store other items (such as books, school bags, lamps, etc.) on the table.

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