The entertainment function of the computer can bring you happiness, and the comfortable computer desk can also make you relaxed and happy.

But now the market is full of all kinds of computer desks, which are dazzling.

How to choose a suitable computer desk?

What should be paid attention to when purchasing? You should consider 5 aspects.



No matter how attractive the appearance of the computer desk is, the first thing to look at must be the material.

Because some beautiful-looking computer desks may just be repainted with some colored paint.

At present, most of the cheaper products on the market are made of synthetic plates and plastic, which may not be supported if there are more and heavier desktop equipment.

Bizzoelife modern computer desk is strictly controlled in the use of materials.

The desk panel is made of environmentally friendly P2 class board, which meets the US CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards and is healthy for your family and pets.

Solid wood computer desk with hutch, both waterproof and scratch-proof, durable.



Only with a solid desktop can the computer be placed safely and stably on the desktop.

The general computer desk is a frame structure, although the frame structure of the computer desk is cheap but not solid,

the computer should be leaned against other large and solid furniture as far as possible in order to stabilize it, and a few more nails can be added if necessary.

If you are using the Bizzoelife computer desk, you don't have to worry about it at all.

Bizzoelife's desk frame is made up of heavy-duty metal frames, with a maximum bearing capacity of 45 lbs. per shelf and 450 lbs. for the whole desk.

It stays stable no matter how many things are put on it during daily use.



To buy a suitable computer desk, the most important thing is to pay attention to its height, not too high, not too low, so we will not sit comfortably.

The best is to choose the kind of computer desk that suits ergonomics.

The specification of the computer desk should be in harmony with the height of the user, the height of the chair and the shape of the body.

The Bizzoelife wooden computer desk has the perfect size (47.2 "L 24.0" W 17.7 "H) and large capacity, allowing you to place large monitors, mice and keyboards for game settings and paperwork, so that you can work and use it comfortably.

There are also four open shelves to provide sufficient space for books, mainframes, office supplies and small equipment for ease of use.



We should also pay attention to the choice of shape, the structural layout of each family is different, we have to according to our actual needs.

What we commonly use is a zigzag bookcase computer desk, as well as medium L-shaped and larger U-shaped.

The general room had better choose a zigzag, the study area is abundant suitable for L-shaped, the study area is very large with U-shaped to enrich the whole space.

The general room had better choose a zigzag, the study area is abundant suitable for L-shaped, the study area is very large with U-shaped to enrich the whole space.

Bizzoelife has computer desks of various shape, this one has a simple design and is suitable for most families, you can rest assured to use it.

2 in 1 design combines a computer desktop with storage shelves to provide you with a comfortable workspace.

The desktop is equipped with a baffle to prevent objects from falling. Not only work, but also can be used to study, balancing work and school is no longer difficult.


Color style

The color style of the computer desk is usually related to the preferences of the host, and each family has to choose differently.

However, you should also refer to the computer, furniture or office environment, it is best to be consistent with or similar to the environment.

Of course, you can also use more unique colors (such as black, dark green) to highlight the computer. This computer desk of Bizzoelife is designed in a retro and simple style, which not only has the function of beautiful appreciation, but also can blend into the environment naturally at the same time.


Some people may be worried that the installation of this desk will be difficult, and Bizzoelife has also prepared assembly instructions and assembly tutorial videos for all consumers.

In addition, Bizzoelife offers free delivery for 5-7 days and the best after-sales service for all customers.

From the moment you place your order, you have nothing to worry about.