Everybody needs a TV at home, which must need an appropriate TV stand to put, so it looks beautiful, but also plays a role in receiving.

So, how to design the size of it? What are the buying tips? Next, let's take a look together.


TV stand size:

1. Height: the height of the TV stand is generally more stringent, in order to keep our necks from fatigue, the height should be parallel to the sofa, so that it will be very relaxing to watch.

The height should not be higher than 27”, because the height of the general sofa is about 15”, and the height of the TV stand should be between 19 and 27”.

The Bizzoelife barn door TV stand’s height is 24”, which is just within this rage. Your neck will feel very comfortable when using it.

2. Width: the width of the sofa is about 120” to 160”, and the sofa facing the TV is generally the position of two or three people, this width is generally about 80”.

According to this size, the width of the TV stand is about 60” to be suitable and more comfortable. The Bizzoelife barn door TV stand has a perfect width of 60”, which can accommodate most flat screen TVs below 60".

As for the size of the TV stand in general, you can refer to the above contents, choose the appropriate size, and then learn the next buying tips together.


Buying tips:

1. Materials: Electrical appliances are required to dissipate heat. Therefore, the materials should be selected with cooling effect.

In the purchase process, you also need to consider the placement of the line and the storage function. The shape is very important, but convenient and practical is the most appropriate, so that it can play the real role of the TV stand.

Bizzoelife barn door TV stand has two power cord management holes in the back, which is easier to arrange your cords and wires. Its construction materials are also reassuring.

Made of environmentally friendly P2 class particle board, it has a load-bearing capacity of up to 240 pounds and a maximum of 20 pounds in the middle, with a bottom shelf as high as 40 pounds. It is also equipped with furniture pads to protect the floor.

2. Cooperate with the room style: If your room is a modern decoration style, you can choose a TV stand with beautiful lines and good shape; if it is a classical decoration style, you should choose a solid wood stand to highlight the grade; if it is pastoral style decoration, you should choose stands with earthy flavor or strong sense of color jump.

Anyway, TV stands should be unified and coordinated with the room decoration style, so as to enhance the whole decoration level.

Bizzoelife barn door TV stand has a modern farmhouse design, which fits well with the style of most family rooms.

The fashionable barn door adds a simple charm to your living room, corridor or bedroom. The front fillet design also protects your family from sharp edge cuts.

3. Usage: When we choose the product, we can choose a combined TV stand according to the category and quantity of items.

If there are many books at home, it is best to make a bookshelf wall, which increases the storage function and saves space.

If there are more works of art, you can make a display wall with items on it to show your hobby.

Bizzoelife barn door TV stand has an ample storage space. In the open storage design, its adjustable shelf is sufficient to provide sufficient storage space for books, magazines, CD, remote controls and any other media or gaming device.

4. Right size: Measure the size before choosing the product, so as to avoid finding that the size is not appropriate after purchase, which will affect our sight when watching.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the height, preferably 24” from the ground. Remember to reserve a place on it to place some items.


Based on the above tips, the Bizzoelife Barn Door TV Stand with Wood Storage is definitely a good choice.

With clear instructions and guidance video, it’s very easy to assemble. We also provide 30 days return/refund guarantee and 1-year limited factory warranty for original buyers, you can buy it with full confidence.