For people who own cats, cats are a lovely and warm existence most of the time.

But when it scratches the furniture, it may not look so cute.

In fact, from the cat's point of view, they do not deliberately scratch the furniture, but use this behavior to trim their nails and mark the area, so they please do not vent your anger on the kittens and waste your emotions in unnecessary places.

There are many ways to keep cats from scratching furniture, which can be roughly divided into two sides, the side of the cat and the side of the furniture.


Why do cats scratch furniture?

Before getting the method, you might as well understand why the cat scratches the furniture, so that you can better prescribe the right medicine to the case.

  1. Prevent nails from bending and piercing the foot mat

Cats' claws grow very fast, and domestic cats grow faster than wild cats, because wild cats can often climb to sharpen their claws.

If cats don't sharpen their claws often, their nails will bend into the flesh quickly, piercing the meat pads on the soles of their feet and hindering the cat's walking. in order to prevent this, cats must sharpen their claws, which is one of the necessary skills for their survival.

  1. The weapon of the cat, the necessary skill for survival.

Cats in nature need to hunt their own prey, and their fingernails will be dull if they are used for a long time. In order to catch their prey better, they will peel off their old nails from time to time and replace their blunt nails with new, sharp nails. This is their survival skill.

  1. The mark of odor.

Many animals have their own unique survival skills, such as dogs peeing everywhere to mark their territory.

Cats, too, have their own sweat glands on the soles of their feet, and when they sharpen their nails, their scent is left in this place to declare that this place is their territory.


From the cat side

  1. Take precautions first and cut the nails regularly.

Since the purpose of the cat scratching the sofa is to sharpen its claws, cut its nails regularly.

In this way, even if the cat scratches the furniture, the damage will be much less.

  1. Reward systems

When you see cats scratching in the right place without scratching important furniture, you can give them some appropriate rewards to make them dependent on it and form good habits.

The reward can be verbal praise, calling their names in a friendly voice, telling them they have done a good job, and accompanied by a touch.

Rewards can also be snacks that reward them when they do the right thing.

At the same time, remember not to treat cats in a punitive way, which may be useful for dogs, but for cats, it just allows them to scratch the sofa when you can't see it.


From the furniture side

  1. Use scratch-proof furniture

For some furniture, such as computer desks and gaming desks, you can use scratch-proof table materials.

For example, Bizzoelife's gaming desk has this feature.

Its surface is composed of carbon fiber texture, not only scratch-proof but also waterproof, and is not afraid if the cat accidentally knocked over the water cup while playing on the table.

The exquisite texture design can also add beauty to the dull work, coupled with the companionship of cats, it can’t be more enjoyable.

  1. Prepare a substitute for grinding claws.

The nature of sharpening claws is hard to change, so it would be a good choice to help cats "vent".

We can prepare some cat paw boards specially for them.

  1. Cat mint

In order to attract attention, put some cat mint on the furniture is also a good choice.

This will make the furniture look more attractive and distract the cat.