"Come back to my house another day…" Tracy declined a friend's visit, hung up the phone, and she continued to rummage through the cabinets.

Look around her, on the dinner table, on the TV stand, filled with all kinds of books and folders.

If you don't know that Tracy is a freshman mother, you may think she is moving house.


"Do you still want this novel? That dictionary is worn out, let's exchange it for a new one. " Tracy was tidying up while talking to his son in the living room.

It is the first season of another year, and I believe most mothers are experiencing such a familiar scene. Like Tracy, in order to create a new atmosphere for their children, sorting out a large number of books and materials for their children after the start of school has become a compulsory course for every student's parents. In the face of such a huge "task", Bizzoelife's L-shaped computer desk will obviously be welcomed by students' parents.

 L-shaped computer desk

A small space also has a large storage

At the beginning of school, children usually buy some new textbooks and learning materials.

And for ease of use, they usually put them within reach.

But many children don’t get into the habit of tidying up their desktops in time, and this will also consume extra energy, so it is particularly important to have a desk that can hold a large number of items.

For this need, Bizzoelife's modern study desk with hutch can fully meet.

Its unique 2-in-1 design integrates the storage shelf and the desk.

Buying a modern study desk with hutch is tantamount to having a bookshelf and a computer desk at the same time.

There are six shelves above and below the desk, and at the top is a shelf as wide as the desk.

And the left side of the bookshelf, the top and bottom of the desktop, each designed with two storage spaces.

For ordinary students, these storages are absolutely more than sufficient.

Parents no longer have to worry about the problem that their children leave their books at random and leave them in every corner of the family.

In this way, even the family atmosphere is much more harmonious.


Give your child a spacious and undisturbed learning environment

After solving the problem of storage, the next step is to see whether the function of the desk itself is satisfied.

For children, a sufficiently spacious learning environment is the most important, followed by all other high-end functions.

We mentioned earlier that this study desk of Bizzoelife has multiple shelves, which has provided sufficient conditions for the spacious learning environment of the desk.

No matter how many documents you have at hand, you can put them all on these shelves to keep your desk clean and free of debris, so that your child can be more focused on his or her study. to achieve the highest learning efficiency.


The school season is coming soon. Are you ready as a parent?

It doesn't matter if you don't have it, start with Bizzoelife's 2-in-1 modern study desk with hutch as soon as possible, to easily deal with the problem of children's learning management in the first school season.