In early 2020, for well-known reasons, some people had to start working from home.

But the first time I worked from home, I had to say, I found I couldn't accomplish anything.

A large part of the reason is that I can't concentrate on my work in a place where I used to relax and play.

When I am in a place, I can't help thinking about what I used to play here, and then my work is put on hold.

Working from home, the threshold for relaxation has become so low that I only need to walk two steps to lie down on the sofa, which completely affects the effectiveness of my work.

I finally realized that I needed a home office space, but the problem was that I shared a small house with my roommate, there was no spare room, and the bedroom was crowded. How do I start to create another home office in a small shared environment?

After investigating the furniture and space, I finally succeeded in setting up a small home office, which, although there was no separate room, greatly improved my productivity.

If you have the same problem as I do, you might as well keep looking at it, which may be of some use to you.

1) Choose the right place

Firstly, try to avoid places where family members often gather, because they will disturb your concentrate on your work.

Secondly, you can choose some places that are not commonly used, such as the corner of your room, where there are two large walls that you can use as much as you want.

For such a place, an L-shaped computer desk would be a good choice, its right-angled shape just matches the corner space.

Set the Bizzoelife L-shaped corner desk in the corner of your room, it can be assembled freely, and is completely free from the restrictions of the environment.

After leaning against the wall, you will not feel more crowded, because the position next to the wall is the space that you have not made full use of before.

Just add a chair and you can start your office trip.

2) Manage your cables

Nothing reduces productivity more than a messy, uncomfortable space.

Put your cable away and keep it out of sight.

You can use a computer desk with cable holes like Bizzoelife gaming desk.

Bizzoelife fully takes into account the actual needs of customers, and the products are full of user-friendly designs, such as gaming desk with their own cable management holes, which can help you manage your complex wires more easily.

If your computer desk doesn't have cable holes, you can also buy a special wire manager to organize them.

The next time you move or clean your office, you will thank yourself.


Whether the computer desk in your home office is ergonomic or not is very important.

If you want to be lazy in this area, you may have back and shoulder problems in the future.

A highly suitable computer desk is very important. the so-called ergonomics is to optimize health, safety and comfort so as to maximize your work efficiency and benefits as much as possible.

The height of the Bizzoelife computer desk is designed from an ergonomic point of view, so it can fully meet this need. When your back is straight, you will find that the height of the computer desk is just high enough to keep your eyes level with the screen.

This promotes the flow of oxygen and blood, helps you think, and helps prevent back and shoulder problems.

3) Make full use of the sun and your window

There is a demand for sunlight in any office, because sunlight can improve the body's vitamin D levels, which are directly related to well-being.

Any office has a certain demand for light, because sunlight can improve the body's vitamin D level, and vitamin D level is directly related to happiness.

Sunlight can also maintain the circadian rhythm of the human body and keep you awake.

If you don't have a window in your room to experience the sunlight of nature, use a lamp to illuminate, or consider buying a phototherapy lamp to deal with seasonal affective disorder.

In addition, you can also consider a small potted plant to provide oxygen for your space to keep you calm.