There are many kinds of desks, for office, for home and for gaming.

Gaming desk may be a little unfamiliar to many people, but the fact is that it is surely needed for those people who want to have more high-performance experience.

If you are considering buying a desk for gaming, it will be best to know some basic knowledge in advance.

With this knowledge, you will not be fooled by those most popular list and hot products.

And then you will purchase the gaming desk by your own taste and get the most satisfied shopping experience.


Difference between gaming desk and normal desk

With the development of e-sports industry, the game is no longer just a pastime, for some professional e-sports gamers, the game has become a profession and daily business.

If you have are familiar with the professional e-sports player’s life, you will find their desk is very different from the desk we used in office or home.

The normal computer desk is always elegant and simple in design, and the color is often white or white, giving people a feeling of concise.

But the gaming desk give a opposite feeling against the normal computer desk.

Its popular color is classic black, sometimes dotted with the red. And the most frequently used shape is Z shaped.

The whole appearance giving people an excited and energetic feeling, mobilizing all game energy in your body.


Well, some friends probably don’t care the appearance of the desk, only if they are stable enough

The fact is that the cool appearance is of secondary importance, the real advantage is its detail design which conform with ergonomic perfectly.

When you play computer games for 4 hours or more by a normal computer desk, did you feel pain of the cervical and waist?

If you use the professional gaming desk, then you can avoid this awkward situation.

The size is measured carefully to meet most people’s comfortable sitting position. It will protect your cervical and waist. If you need to sit for a long time in your work and life, it may save you shedloads of money for physical therapy.


People who are suitable to buy

In addition to professional e-sports players, there are many ordinary people who can also buy gaming desks.

If you are not a game enthusiast, sitting for a short time every day, exercise regularly, and sit in the right posture and do not sit with legs crossed, then there is no need to buy a gaming desk.

But if you are a geek or game enthusiasts, pursuing the ultimate game experience, sitting for a long time every day, then the gaming desk is a basic necessity.


Features that you should look for

  1. Size

A high-performance gaming desk must have a suitable. How to decide whether the size is suitable for you? Just sit on the desk with a straight back, and let your hands hang down naturally, you will find that your elbows fit perfectly with the desktop.

Is this case, the size is your most comfortable size.

  1. Price

As gaming desk is more expensive than the normal desk, if you don’t have many budgets, and want to buy a cheap gaming desk, maybe 200$ is a reasonable price.

The two gaming desk of Bizzoelife are priced under 200$. Not only ensure the quality, but also save the unnecessary money for you.

  1. Material

You don’t want to buy a gaming desk for just two weekends, choosing a quality material determines the use time of the product.

Bizzoelife use the durable PB board to ensure that the gaming desk is firm and can withstand a weight of 200 lbs.

In addition to the material, choose the texture you want. Bizzoelife features a sleek carbon fiber texture desktop to provide the waterproof and scratch-proof function.

  1. Adjustable

If your floor is not smooth, then the balance of the desk will also be affected.

Bizzoelife has four adjustable level feet, and you can get the height you need by adjusting the screws so that you can play games steadily even on uneven ground.