At first, the gaming desk was widely used in e-sports game events, and then spread from e-sports professional players to the vast number of game hobbies.

In terms of appearance and design concept, it is very different from the ordinary computer desk.

At present, many Internet cafes, e-sports halls and e-sports hotels all use gaming desk instead of general Internet bar computer desk products.

In the shape design, the gaming desk is cooler; in the functional design, the gaming desk is more in line with the humanized design.

Today, I will bring you a kind of gaming desk product—Bizzoelife 47" gaming desk with RGB LED light to see what’s the difference between a gaming desk and an ordinary desk?

gaming desk

Where it performs well

This gaming desk adopts ergonomic design.

The so-called ergonomics, in essence, is to make the use of tools as far as possible suitable for the natural form of the human body, so that people who use tools at work, body and mind do not need any active adaptation, so as to minimize the fatigue caused by the use of tools.

The surface of the desk is designed with carbon fiber texture, which not only makes the desk look beautiful and generous, but also has good quality, adding a waterproof function to the whole desk.

There is a headphone hook under the desktop, full of user-friendly design, you can hang headphones on it when you are not in use.

There are two cable holes on both sides of the desk to centralize the lines, no matter how many lines can be sorted out, as well as solid structural design, all-black classic color with 7 color RGB LED lights.

Z shaped gaming desk

Design highlights

The structural design of this gaming desk is simple and atmospheric in appearance, and has a strong stable bearing capacity.

Simple Z-shaped legs can free up space under the desk and liberate your long legs.

RGB LED lights

The biggest difference with ordinary desk is that it has many cool techs blessings. The most obvious part is cool RGB LED light. With RGB lights, people can gain psychological combat effectiveness.

Bizzoelife is also learning that young people need to show their unique personality, so the gaming desk is equipped with RGB LED lights and can obviously feel more in shape when playing games online with friends.

Our RGB lights come in seven colors, including red, pink, yellow, white, blue, orange, deep pink, and three flashing modesmonochrome, flash and cyclic change, and normal, fast and dynamic flicker speeds, with a rich variety of effects to meet your personality needs in all directions.

With this cool RGB LED light, coupled with your computer monitor and mouse, your gaming experience must be greatly improved.

Material analysis

This is a simple and fashionable e-sports gaming desk, selected durable PB board made of surface, Z-shaped metal frame, is really safe green furniture.

As mentioned earlier, there is a carbon fiber texture design on the desktop, so what are the advantages of the carbon fiber material besides beauty and waterproof?

carbon fiber texture desktop

Carbon fiber is lighter than metal aluminum, but its strength is higher than that of iron and steel, and it has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, light weight, high chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.

The special texture of this material also provides a huge 47.2 "L x 23.6" W waterproof desktop for players' game monitors, mice, keyboards and other gaming devices.

At the same time, the desk leg is made of cold-rolled steel bracket, which can support your high-intensity training requirements and bring a longer service life.


If you are familiar with gaming products, you may think that this gaming desk has so many functions and so cool appearance that the price must not be low.

In fact, the price of it is much lower than the same level of products on the market, can save you a lot of money, is a veritable cost-effective product.

Not to mention the free shipping, Bizzoelife is always devoted to give the most satisfactory consumption experience for every customer.