For many game enthusiasts, an exclusive gaming desk is an indispensable equipment at home.

The more important, the more careful.

If you are troubled in looking for a best gaming desk, then take a look at this blog.

The following will tell you which Z shaped or L shaped gaming desk is the best.


Round 1: the size

Both Z shaped and L shaped desks are sold in Bizzoelife online website.

The largest size of the Z shaped is 60”W×25.9”D, and the L shaped is (59+59)L”×23.6”W.

From this point of view, the latter has a larger area than the former.

But if your house doesn’t have enough space, maybe the Z shaped desk is more suitable for you. Of course, if you need to put many items on the desk, you can choose the L shaped desk.

The most important size is the height.

We all know that everyone has their unique habit for the desk.

Some people like to straighten their backs, while others may have a hunchback. Some people have a longer upper body, while others have a shorter.

To cope with this changeable situation, a gaming desk with adjustable height is more omnipotent. From this point of view, the Z shaped desk won.

The Bizzoelife Z shaped gaming desk has 4 adjustable level feet, and you can set the desk to the height you like by loosening the screws.

Meanwhile, the height of L shaped desk cannot be adjusted. You have to confirm your most comfortable height firstly and then buy the appropriate product according to that.

 black gaming desk

Round 2: materials

The materials determine the stability and durability of the table.

Since most of the game devices are heavy, stability and durability are equally important. Let’s compare the materials of Z shaped desk with the L shaped.

The Bizzoelife Z shaped gaming desk use Z-shaped metal feet and PB board design to ensure that the gaming desk is sturdy and durable.

It can withstand a weight 200 pounds. The Bizzoelife L shaped corner desk consists of P2 chipboard desktop and thicker metal frame. The metal frame is made of heavy powder coated iron legs to ensure its durability and firmness.

From this aspect, both shapes can meet your daily needs.


Round 3: style

At first glance, the styles of the two are very different.

Bizzoelife Z shaped gaming desk is full of science and technology, very suitable for people who love e-sports. Of course, the matching home style will be relatively limited.

For a better gaming experience, it’s equipped with RGB LED lights.

The lights have 7 colors (red, pink, yellow, white, blue, orange, deep pink), three modes (monochrome, flash and periodic) and three luminance speeds (normal, fast and dynamic).

Z shaped gaming desk

This multi-functional RGB LED lights can greatly improve our game experience.

You can play games in a colorful game environment which is particularly cool when used at night, creating a cool and colorful game atmosphere for you.

Besides, it is also very suitable as a graduation or coming-of-age gift, which will definitely give the recipient a big surprise!

The L-shaped desk is a minimalist style composed of a single color, which have black and whiter color to choose.

The design is relatively simple, and of course there will be more matching household styles.

The styles of these two kinds of desks all have a suitable audience for them, which you can choose according to your preferences and specific needs.


Round 4: function

Interesting and useful ingenious functions can add icing on the cake to a good desk. Bizzoelife Z shaped gaming desk interprets this sentence very well.

If you look closely, you will find that there are some parallel lines on its surface.

These lines are carbon fiber texture surfaces specially designed for gamers.

This carbon fiber surface provides a large waterproof desktop equipped with a large game monitor, keyboard and mouse to prevent emergencies when the water cup is tipped.

Many game devices have messy power cords that look sloppy if they are not properly managed.

The Z shaped desk is specially equipped with two holes to manage these wires and fixed monitors. You can use the two holes to make your desktop cleaner.

On the other hand, the L shaped desk follows the principle of minimalism and is not equipped with other complex functions.

But you can disassemble it into two small desks to adapt to different application scenarios, and it also has a lot of space.


In summary, the L shaped and Z shaped gaming desk have their own advantages.

If you are a game enthusiast, it is recommended that you buy a Z shaped desk. If you prefer daily work and study, then you may be more suitable to buy an L shaped desk.